Friday, April 4, 2014

Road Trip!!!! Nashville HALF

Yet again I am falling behind on the here we go again! I am going to make ANOTHER promise to myself to stay on top of it!! 

A few weeks ago my best friend, Lindsay's family and mine took a road trip to Nashville. Lindsay and I ran in the Grupton Jeep Tom King Classic Half Marathon. This marked my 6th half and this one was by far the hardest!!! A couple weeks earlier Lindsay and I ran 12 miles on a Saturday morning. Later that day I felt my knee start to hurt. For the next couple weeks I took it easy to prepare for the race. However, at mile 4 my knee stopped working. I felt like it was a mile behind me. However, Lindsay was the number one reason I kept going!!!! She was a huge motivator and helped me through the entire race! We ran the whole thing and it wasn't even my worst time. Little did we know that I had a stress fracture in my knee which I just found out last week. Unfortunately, my running has been put on hold for four more weeks and then I have to take it SUPER slow to get back to where I was. Although, my husband was pretty impressed when he found out so that's cool! 

So here we we are at the beginning of our trip. We went down early with the kiddos and the boys came later that night. Jack was so excited to be riding in "Kyle's Car!!!" 

We stayed at the Loew's Vanderbilt Hotel. It was an extremely nice hotel but when we got there we had a little difficulty with our rooms. We didn't mind..... we just found a little corner in the hotel bar for the kids to have snack and let the mommies relax after being in the car with the kiddos! ;-)

That night we went to a cute little pizza place and then to bed early to get a good night's rest before the race in the morning. Although, BOTH Jack and Evan had different plans for us that night. It was a long night :( But once I gathered my belongings I and drank almost a pot of coffee I was ready to go!

WE FINISHED!!! Our time was 2:19. I think we are both going to try for under 2 in the St. Jude. Surely, I'll have a healthy knee by then!

My supporters!

Now to the BEST part of the trip. Lindsay's parents have a place in Franklin and came to spend the day with us. They also volunteered to watch the kids that night so we could have some adult time! The day was definitely my favorite!!!! We went to 55 South in Franklin. If you have never been to Franklin I highly suggest you do!! It is such a cute little town with so much to see and do. 55 South was awesome!!! To celebrate the race being OVER we indulged in mimosas and bags of doughnuts!! I can't even describe how good these doughnuts were. Straight from the oven and just perfection.

Jack LOVED the doughnuts!

After a day spent in Franklin we went back to to hotel to get ready for that evening. We ended up going to Whiskey Kitchen and had a great time!

The trip was a blast and I am on my way to recovery! I think we'll stick with some 5k's for the summer!

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