Thursday, April 10, 2014

Part 2: E's Attire!

For those of you who know me, know that I took a lot of time and energy deciding what Ms. Evan Lilly would wear for her party. I went back and forth on a couple custom made dresses and finally settled on this one! I bought it from a seller on Etsy and she was great to work with. I even sent it back for a couple alterations and she didn't charge any additional costs or shipping.

I also bought her tights from a seller on Etsy and I am obsessed with them. I am seriously thinking about messaging her to see if she will do some in other colors and and maybe even some capris.
I LOVE Sweet Honey and this shirt almost didn't happen! If you are not familiar with company, they make adorable little girls clothes. However, they are a small family company and do not make a ton of every piece so getting an item is hard to come by. When items are posted they sell out in seconds! Seconds! I'm not kidding. I tried to get this shirt twice and it didn't happen. And then the awesome company of Sweet Honey made it happen for me. They knew I had been waiting and trying to get the shirt for months Sheeeesh! Girls' clothes!!!! Boy mamas you are not missing out. Haha

I got E a necklace and two hair pretties from a mama on Facebook! This mama is awesome and makes beautiful things! I thought about making them but then realized how many projects I had already put on myself!

I decided on her yellow petals from Livie & Luca. These shoes are amazing!! For all my closet mamas you totally understand!

Last, I wanted to get a onesie for her smash cake. Although, I wanted something different. And believe it or not I did NOT want the applique/monogram onesie. HAHA! I found this adorable one on Etsy. It's sweet and simple.

So, there it is..... E's party attire!

Highchair and cakes are next! Figured this would be a good little sneak into the next blog!

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