Monday, April 14, 2014

Part 4: Candy Table & Photo Props

Party posts are coming to an end! I'll have one more after this to wrap up the whole party, the outside set up, and any details I haven't covered yet. Today, it's all about junk food and fun!

I put together a candy table for the favors at E's party. Each guest got a bag and was strongly encouraged to take LOTS of candy home! I purchased white lunch sacks at Wal-Mart and used twine to tie a thank you card to the top of the bag. I stamped Evan's monogram on the back of the card and on the bottom of the bag. I placed the bags in a tin bucket. It's too the far left in the picture. (below)

The candy table was a little bit more difficult than I ever expected! I had a vision but it definitely took some time to put together. I bought red fabric from Hobby Lobby to lay over the center of the table. I tied bows in the front using yellow tulle and red burlap. I had most of the glass jars already but purchased some extras from Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store. I got the candy from oriental trading, SAMS, and Wal-Mart, and the scoops to dish out the candy are from Hobby Lobby. The banner on the fireplace is from Etsy and matches the one on her high chair. The candy labels are also from Etsy. Here is the final product!! I was really proud how it all turned out.

I had a section in the dining room set up with photo props! We hung the cute little banner from the ceiling and on the table we had clown noses and stick photo props. On the buffet I set out top hats for the boys and I made bow headbands for the girls. For the top hats, I added a little detail. I got the animals and the ribbon from Hobby Lobby and attached to the hat with hot glue. In addition, I got two little top hats because we had two baby boy guests. All of the hats came from Party City. The headbands I made out of fabric, elastic, and a plastic headband. I think they turned out super cute!!I placed the headbands in another tin bucket.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about Evan's Big Top Extravaganza!

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