Monday, April 21, 2014

E's FIRST Birthday...Beginning to End!

Wrapping up Evan Lilly's birthday party in this post today! I wanted to share the outside set up, any details I missed, and maybe revisit parts too! It is amazing how fast this time has gone by and I have cherished every second. I hope you have enjoyed reading about her party!! I will list the links to the previous party posts at the bottom.....

When guests entered the front door they immediately saw the candy table, fireplace decor, and high chair set up.

To the left the guests were able to pick up a photo prop, top hat or bow, and take a picture as a lion, clown, or ringmaster!

When they walked into the kitchen they were able to grab something to drink and check out Evan's monthly pictures and a large poster that shared her favorites, some of her firsts, and a few facts about her.

Guests were then able to go out back where the tables and food were set up! We rented a carousel moon bounce, which was a big hit with the kids. We also set up a TV outside because it was March Madness and even though the Tigers weren't playing that day we are all about some basketball in this city! On the tables I set up yellow flowers and balloons in plastic popcorn containers. We also rented a popcorn machine, had hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, and chips! We forgot to set out the pasta salad....whoops! But overall everything went great! There are ALWAYS going to be things that don't go as planned but you just roll with the punches and hopefully no one notices! ;-)

This is the only picture I got of the food table. :( It's actually not set up all the way but you can sort of get the idea!

We were so blessed by how many friends and family came and celebrated E's birthday with us! Thank yall so much!!!

Evan wasn't into her cake at all but we weren't surprised. She's not a big sweet eater so we didn't force it!

However, she loved the moon bounce! I took her at the beginning of the party and my dad took her in at the end, once most of the guests had left! She had a blast!!! And funny story.... notice her jacket! It got a little cold so dad took her in and found a jacket. It's actually a swimsuit cover up! Haha

And that wraps up Evan's party from the front door to the back. Thanks for stopping by and sharing in Evan Lilly's big top extravaganza! If you're interested here are the links to her other party posts :)


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