Sunday, February 23, 2014

Evan Lilly is 11 months!!!!!

My baby is 11 months! She turned 11 months on the 21st. I guess the fact that she is almost a year old is starting to freak me out! I have no idea where the time went and I have so much to do for her party......

Evan is AWESOME! She likes to test her boundaries but she is still a very good baby. She takes a few steps on her own everyday but still prefers to crawl to get from A to B. She has pretty much transitioned to all table food and I am about to start the whole weaning off the bottle process. For some reason this terrifies me!! Evan also loves water from her sippy cup. She has recently become a little chatter box and loves to be tickled. Still very close to her four legged brothers and will go to anyone. Although, she has definitely become a little more clingy to me when we are at home, but I'm not complaining! I am going to take it while I can! I LOVE the fact that her face lights up when Chris or I walk into a room. She still babbles "ma ma" and "da da" which is so sweet to my ears. We read together every night and her favorite book is Good Night Moon! 

These pictures were EXTRA special because Yaya was in town! She is trying to lay all of E's fly aways down in this pic! HEHE

And here she is making sure E doesn't fly out of the chair!

Of course Ms. Evan can not sit still and wants to stand in the chair again!!

And just for fun..... :) Here is a little sneak peek of Evan's birthday invitation!!!!

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