Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Fun 2014 {Zoo Boo & Pumpkin Patch}

I am so happy the cooler temps are here and we sure had a blast last weekend! On Friday evening we went to Zoo Boo. I think Evan was a little overwhelmed at fist. There was a lot going on!!! She started to come out of her shell towards the end. She really surprised me!!! Everything I thought she would love to do; she had zero interest in. And, the things I assumed she would hate; she absolutely loved! Overall I would say our zoo boo experience with an 18 month old was a success! She trick or treated, danced at the panda disco, went  through a toddler maze, and even petted a snake!!!!!

On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Priddy Farms. It was the perfect pumpkin patch for Evan. It wasn't huge but just the right size and amount of activities needed for a toddler. We took pictures by the pumpkins..... well, we tried to take pictures! This was actually a disaster. Evan Lilly is so busy and wants nothing to do with looking cute for the camera. I am so happy Chris was able to catch some awesome moments on our "real camera!" (I'll post those later. I do not have access to our camera until Saturday.....we are headed to Birmingham in a few short hours!!!) After pictures, she played with every imaginable toy at the farm, swung on the swing set, and bounced in the moon bounce. Needless to say Evan and mama took a nap when we got home.

It was fun to spend time as a family and put a check next to two of our fall activities! Next..... our church fall carnival!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday!!!!!

Yay!! It's Friday!!! AND Yay I am back so soon! Today I am linking up with darciaprilchristina + natasha for Five on Friday! They are hosting a fabulous giveaway this week!!

We are returning to Tiger Lane tomorrow for our third home game! I am pretty excited!!! After this week we decided to stay in tonight and have some family time. Tomorrow Chris's parents are watching E so we will have a nice little date day and evening at the game. Our Sunday School class is also having a social at the tailgate. I am excited to see everyone!!

Halloween is right around the corner and I received Evan's costume in the mail today. We have another home game Halloween night, so we decided to take her and trick or treat on Tiger Lane! Here is a stock photo of the costume. Of course, she is going to be a tiger!!! It is even cuter in person!!! I can't wait to put it on her.

In a couple weeks Evan and I are headed to Birmingham. We are having her pictures professionally taken with Santa. My friend Ashley lives in Homewood and takes her boys every year. The pictures are always so adorable!!! I can't wait.... For the pictures and to spend some time with my dear friend and her family!!! Now I just need to figure out what in the world we are wearing.... this is so not like me!

Don't worry.... Deanna Green is still our family photographer and we have our family session scheduled with her the week after. I am not sure Chris can make it to Birmingham so I am happy we have another session planned to get all of us together. Here is a Christmas pic Deanna did for us last year. We were at a Christmas tree farm. This year I want to have more of a fall session since we are also getting the pictures with Santa.

If you read my blog recently, you know I was in a terrible accident on Monday. I am praising God that we are ok and that He is always with us. I wanted to share some scriptures that have spoken to my heart!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nice to be back!!! Part 2 {Picture Recap}

A little picture recap to the end of summer and beginning of fall!

We had a blast celebrating this young lady's birthday at the lake!

Chris was doing a lot of traveling for work at the end of the summer! This is Evan Lilly having her first McDonalds Happy Meal! She was a fan :) After, we went to the Redbirds game with our Sunday School class.

The same week Chris was out of town, E had her first big fall :( It scared me to death!! She cried a bit, but was a definite trooper!

Playing outside as our summertime comes to an end!

We finally got to wear our SweetHoney giraffe dress to see the giraffes! However, Evan was more interested in the airplanes flying overhead!

After our zoo trip, we went to Bayou for lunch! E's first time with ketchup!

Finally!!!! FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! Although, our first game was wet :( We were able to tailgate but couldn't stay at the actual game very long. However, we currently have a WINNING record! 
(She looks thrilled!)

Yay! First day back to school! Evan attends the early education program at our church one day a week and goes to a sitter by my work 2 days a week! We have started the process to determine where she will attend 2k! Where did my baby go?!?!?!

Yet again we have a serious issue and daddy was out of town for work :( Evan got sick for the first time! She spent most of two days in our bed and she discovered her love for Frozen!!!! Let's just say it has not gone away and Chris says he hears Frozen songs in his head ALL day long!

Excuse the messy house! Evan Lilly LOVES to give the boys their treats when they go night night!

Silly girl! I LOVE this pic!!! She kept saying ma, ma, ma until I turned around :) She was cracking herself up!

I got away for another lake weekend with these special ladies! Unfortunately, fall decided to start that weekend and it was freezing. We didn't get in the water but we still had a blast on the boat and later singing karaoke.

Our second tailgate of the season and this is the only picture I got. My family was in town from Florida and my grandfather and cousin came down from Covington. 

18 month check up! This appointment was NOT fun! She was tired and not happy about getting shots. The stickers made her feel a little better.

We got home and of course watched airplanes!!

After, we went for a wagon ride and she was back to her happy self!

Evan Lilly had her first flowergirl debut before we went to the beach. She was in Chris's brothers wedding. I had to carry her down the aisle but she was great after. She kept herself entertained with the hymn book!

After the wedding, we changed and headed to 30A!

The first couple days were rainy but we got a little shopping in.

Evan and Jack had a little tea party at the Seaside Toy Store!

The back of the home. It was absolutely beautiful!

Chillin' and NOT going anywhere near the sand!

Hmmmmmmmm...... "Should I get in the sand? Nah I'll just chill right here!!"

Silly girl!

Roll em up! Roll em up! Throw em in the pan!!!!!!!

She is out of her chair and has the toys but still no sand!

Starting to venture into the sand!

Progress! She walked in the sand to the water!!!! E was loving the water with her daddy and did NOT want to get out!

We went to the outlet mall on another rainy day. She fell asleep before we even got there. Vacation is tough!

Last night and out to dinner at Old Florida Fish House! YUM

So serious :)

Yum! Who doesn't love white bread ?!?!?!

Family pic!

Back home and getting back to our regular routine! After church we played around outside on a beautiful Sunday!

You guessed it...... More airplanes!!!


Heading back to the sitter after vacation! I was bribing her with fruit snacks to smile. As soon as she saw them she started running towards me.

"Life is good!"

Happy girl!

Acting silly with a Dorsey booty in the background.

Our attempt at our first messy bun (mama's most frequent hair style)

That was a lot but I feel like I caught up! Hopefully I'll be back sooner than later and won't have to recap months in one post!