Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Evan Lilly Turns 1! THE PARTY!!! Part 1: Invites

Deciding how to blog about E's party has almost been as stressful as the party!! HAHA I have gathered a ton of pictures, which there is no way to post all of them!!! So, I have selected my favorites and I am going to blog about the highlights of the party....starting from the beginning!

So here is my first party post: THE INVITES!!

I decided to go with a circus theme but wanted to make sure it was still girly! I chose the colors red, yellow, teal, and pink as a guide. I found these invites on Etsy and fell in love. I think it is so stinking cute that her name is even in the little flag!

Next, I wanted to do something FUN! I wanted the guests to open the invite and be excited to come celebrate with us. Instead of using the white envelopes that came with the invitations, I purchased some yellow ones at Office Max. I also, got a teal sharpie to address the invites and decided to hand write all the invitations with a silly print. I used a printed return address label and of course I stamped her monogram on the back of the envelope! 

Next was the project that took a lot longer than I expected, but I really enjoyed doing it. I LOVE receiving invites in the mail and I wanted this one to be extra special. I wanted our guests to open the envelope and see something different than just the invitation.

So, with the color scheme in mind I ordered some red and white striped bags off Etsy, purchased yellow and pink tickets from Party City, and twine and rhinestones from Hobby Lobby. I also printed off a cute little elephant from the internet to add in the color teal.

And here is the final product. This is what our guests saw after they opened the envelope!

Depending on the family size that's how many tickets I attached to the twine. I am not sure if anyone even noticed! But those are the little details that make me happy!

Thanks for reading all about E's invites! Party 2 blog coming SOON!

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