Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Eve & Day 2014 {And a few pics I forgot, whoops!}

I came across some really fun Christmas pictures that I really wanted to post so real quick.....

Lindsay and I celebrating "our Christmas!"

We were honored to host our Sunday School Christmas party at our house. Probably not the best idea since our home is tiny and our class is huge! Hopefully, everyone wasn't too crammed and had a nice time!

More pictures from pajamas and pancakes with Santa!

OK! Now for Christmas EVE & DAY!!!!

Since we moved back to Memphis, we have always celebrated Christmas Eve at our home. This was a tradition my parents started when I was young and I hope we can continue. We started the evening with trying to get pictures of Evan Lilly by the Christmas tree. Of course, she had other plans! 

Chris's family came over to visit and we let Evan open up her Christmas Eve present while they were there. I love how she gets just excited over clothes as she does for toys! Hmmmmmm I wonder who she gets that from------

Every Christmas Eve she opens up a pair of Christmas jammies (a tradition sent down from my parents)

We decided to start our own family tradition! On Christmas Eve after opening our jammies, Evan opened another present. This gift was centered around the real reason for the season- JESUS! It was a Little People Nativity Set. After opening the gift, we set up the nativity scene and talked about how baby Jesus was born on Christmas and it is His birthday!

After putting on her Christmas pj's and playing with the nativity set, we snapped a few more pictures.

How cute are these pj's!??! I got them from Target and had them monogrammed on the front and back by Just 4 You Gifts. She always does awesome work for me.

Then E's brothers got to open their gifts!

The children!

Santa came!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a last minute Santa decision that Mrs. Claus worked hard on. I am very happy with how it turned out. I had left over fabric from her bedding and made a ribbon banner. I plan to keep this attached....until Evan takes it off one day. Haha

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! My last and final Christmas post will be this week including our Christmas Card and our home tour! Hopefully, I'll get to the New Year before spring ;-)

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