Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday!!!!!

Yay!! It's Friday!!! AND Yay I am back so soon! Today I am linking up with darciaprilchristina + natasha for Five on Friday! They are hosting a fabulous giveaway this week!!

We are returning to Tiger Lane tomorrow for our third home game! I am pretty excited!!! After this week we decided to stay in tonight and have some family time. Tomorrow Chris's parents are watching E so we will have a nice little date day and evening at the game. Our Sunday School class is also having a social at the tailgate. I am excited to see everyone!!

Halloween is right around the corner and I received Evan's costume in the mail today. We have another home game Halloween night, so we decided to take her and trick or treat on Tiger Lane! Here is a stock photo of the costume. Of course, she is going to be a tiger!!! It is even cuter in person!!! I can't wait to put it on her.

In a couple weeks Evan and I are headed to Birmingham. We are having her pictures professionally taken with Santa. My friend Ashley lives in Homewood and takes her boys every year. The pictures are always so adorable!!! I can't wait.... For the pictures and to spend some time with my dear friend and her family!!! Now I just need to figure out what in the world we are wearing.... this is so not like me!

Don't worry.... Deanna Green is still our family photographer and we have our family session scheduled with her the week after. I am not sure Chris can make it to Birmingham so I am happy we have another session planned to get all of us together. Here is a Christmas pic Deanna did for us last year. We were at a Christmas tree farm. This year I want to have more of a fall session since we are also getting the pictures with Santa.

If you read my blog recently, you know I was in a terrible accident on Monday. I am praising God that we are ok and that He is always with us. I wanted to share some scriptures that have spoken to my heart!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

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