Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Fun 2014 {Zoo Boo & Pumpkin Patch}

I am so happy the cooler temps are here and we sure had a blast last weekend! On Friday evening we went to Zoo Boo. I think Evan was a little overwhelmed at fist. There was a lot going on!!! She started to come out of her shell towards the end. She really surprised me!!! Everything I thought she would love to do; she had zero interest in. And, the things I assumed she would hate; she absolutely loved! Overall I would say our zoo boo experience with an 18 month old was a success! She trick or treated, danced at the panda disco, went  through a toddler maze, and even petted a snake!!!!!

On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Priddy Farms. It was the perfect pumpkin patch for Evan. It wasn't huge but just the right size and amount of activities needed for a toddler. We took pictures by the pumpkins..... well, we tried to take pictures! This was actually a disaster. Evan Lilly is so busy and wants nothing to do with looking cute for the camera. I am so happy Chris was able to catch some awesome moments on our "real camera!" (I'll post those later. I do not have access to our camera until Saturday.....we are headed to Birmingham in a few short hours!!!) After pictures, she played with every imaginable toy at the farm, swung on the swing set, and bounced in the moon bounce. Needless to say Evan and mama took a nap when we got home.

It was fun to spend time as a family and put a check next to two of our fall activities! Next..... our church fall carnival!

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