Friday, May 30, 2014

5 on FRIDAY!!!!

What a great way to catch up then with 5 on Friday! I have been MIA since Easter because I have been making trips back home to help my mom with her recovery from surgery. She is doing great and pretty much back to her normal self. Praise God! So here is what we have been up to.....

TRAVELING!!!!! Evan and I flew to Florida right after Easter and about 2 weeks later we did it again. There are so many tricks to traveling with a baby/toddler! Save that for another blog but I truly believe with my daughter the number one trick was SNACKS! SNACKS! and MORE SNACKS!

Trip 1

We were lucky and no one sat next to us on the second flight! MORE ROOM!!!!

Pa spoiled Evan Lilly at Toys R Us!!!!!

E LOVES dogs!!!

And wants to be just like her Uncle Jeb

Dad took us to the beach for a little bit but Evan hated the sand! Who says you can't play in the sand without actually being in it?!?!?!

Trip 2..... We did a lot more on this trip because Mom was starting to feel much better :) I never even put up my suit case from the last trip...just repacked! Evan was not much help!

Still wants to be like her Uncle Jeb! They swung on this swing for HOURS!

We got some pool time......

And beach time....this time she didn't mind the sand!

Enjoyed a beautiful sunset and cocktails at Naples Beach Club! My favorite spot in the city. Check it out here!

And we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Fish House in Bonita! Pa and Evan :)

Music Fest! I absolutely LOVE music fest in our city! Chris and I try to go every year. We usually go just the two of us and have so much fun! It fell right in between my trips back and forth to Florida so we had an awesome Mommy & Daddy Sunday Funday!

Mothers Day was a lot of fun! We went to church and then we had brunch at the club with Chris's parents. 

Tennessee Brewery! I am so upset it is the last weekend for this place unless someone invests in it! It is very special to me because Chris and I had some of our maternity pictures done in front of it. (Planning to post those VERY soon!) It is family and pet friendly and an awesome place to hang out in downtown Memphis! A blogger recently blogged about asking JT to save it! Read her blog here! Bring the brewery back!

Memorial Day weekend! 

Zoo Brew!

Birthday party!

Memorial Day at the club!

And zoo time with Jack!

AND........ Good night!!!! Sorry for the longest 5 on Friday EVA! But I feel caught up !!! Have a GREAT weekend! We are headed to Italian Fest all weekend :)

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  1. Little ones are so energetic and photogenic. Glad she did well on the flights. I have never traveled with little ones of my own but the toddlers are usually the better behaved ones on the flights I have been on. Looks like you were busy but had a lot of fun!

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies