Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Random Thoughts......

I still have very high hopes for my blog, but I just can't find the time!!!!! How do you mommies do it?!?!?! It's always on my to do list but always gets pushed to side when I have to prioritize. However, I am hoping this will change tonight! I wanted to start a blog to have something to look back at our memories, so I am DETERMINED.... It will be on the top of my to do list! (I make lists ALL the time....Sometimes a few times a day! Just a random fact about me)

My mom is on her way!!!! I am so excited because my mom is coming to town late tonight. I am also thankful because it is making me stay up and check things off my list! She is coming in town because my grandfather is having a minor surgery tomorrow. Our family would appreciate any prayers! She is also excited to see Ms. Evan Lilly!!! We haven't seen my parents since Christmas and E has already grown and learned so much. It is extremely difficult living so far away but makes us REALLY appreciate the time we have together!

This was my parents with E on Christmas Day! They had just flown in!!

Well.......... Evan Lilly of course! She is almost 11 months and I am having so much fun with her. This is a picture at our local Mexican restaurant on Valentines night. We had a family dinner date and then a Target run.....very exciting! I know!!

I am officially 31! We had an absolute blast celebrating with our friends this past Saturday night! (maybe a little too much fun...) I didn't take a single pic, which is NOT like me. However, my friend Rachel got this one of some of the girls who came from our Sunday School class. I think our house and myself are finally back to normal as of TODAY! Oh and you can see I chopped off my hair!!

Evan Lilly's first birthday is coming up! I am so excited and have been extremely busy planning. It's going to be a circus theme. I am already praying for nice weather. Last March we brought her home in rain and freezing temps. Our house is just too small for all that! Hoping it is nice and we can use our backyard. Plus the moon bounce is booked! Somethings are starting to come in the mail and it is getting surreal to think my baby is almost ONE!

Don't want to post any pics on this one just yet......

RANDOM THOUGHT #6 (LAST one I promise)
I am missing the husband. He is out of town for business and things have been so hectic lately! I feel like I haven't seen him in forever. Hoping for a good ole fashion date night when he returns this weekend. Luckily, mom is in town so we have a live in nanny!

Holy smokes! We gotta take more pictures just the two of us!!! This was us being silly a couple months ago on a mommy and daddy's night out. I could go on with more random thoughts but I'll hold them for a later blog post ;-)

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  1. Totally understand the not having parents close esp now with the girls growing so fast it's like they wake up from a nap and boom milestone accomplished!!!