Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Evan Lilly is 10 months old TODAY!!!!

Still learning how to be a blogger!! I have a long ways to go but the subject of tonight's post is the whole reason I decided to get started..... Evan Lilly!!!!!

I can NOT believe my Evan Lilly is 10 months today!!! Where has the time gone?!?!? It definitely goes by faster the older she gets. She is an independent little lady who is CONSTANTLY on the move!! She loves to get around and has recently discovered how to escape our baby jail! Evan is still very laid back and our only struggle currently is nap time. She wants to be in everything and a part of everything at ALL times (I wonder who she gets that from? ;-) She definitely knows what no means but depending on how sassy she is feeling determines whether or not she listens. I know this is probably a little bit of pay back for me.

I think she is going to be walking any day now. She loves to stand but still prefers to crawl to get around. However, when she holds mine or Chris’s hand she wants to walk around the entire house. She also loves us to push her around on her Minnie car and loves the Minnie song. She bounces her little booty any time it plays.

Dinner time is pretty easy and I haven’t found a food she doesn’t like. She has started finger foods but we have only had puffs and the Gerber melts so far. Evan has definitely gotten better with picking up the food and chewing it, so it is time to move on to something bigger and better. She has mastered how to use her sippy cup that has a straw and LOVES water!

Play time is her favorite activity and her brothers are still her best friends! She pulls up on EVERYTHING (including her brothers), laughs, waves, gives high 5’s, “reads” books, loves her blocks and anything that plays music. Each day is an adventure with her and it is exciting to see her learn something new everyday! 

She looks so sweet and innocent here! I can't believe I actually got a picture of her sitting!!!! This is what it was really like.......

And this.....

Then I finally gave up!!! There were a million more like this!

Like I said........... She's on the move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a start for a signature...... gotta work on this too :) Think I am going to give in and have someone design me a template! If you know of a good site let me know in my comments.

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