Saturday, January 18, 2014

NEW YEAR.... Start of something new!

FINALLY!!!! I have officially started a blog and here goes my first post. I figured I could start with an introduction to the Yarbrough family! So here we are……The Yarbs (as our friends call us)………. Chris and I met in college in 2002 at the University of Memphis. Go Tigers!!! We married in December of 2004 and built our first home in Arlington, Tennessee. Although, my original plan (I am a HUGE planner) of living in Arlington the rest of my life took a complete turn in the other direction. God had much different plans for us than what I thought would happen. Chris and I moved to Naples, Florida and he pursued his dream job in the golf industry. Again, God had different plans and we landed in Atlanta, Georgia for my first teaching job. A year later and God still wasn’t done with our moving and landed us back in Memphis! This time in the heart of the city…. MIDTOWN! I LOVE living in midtown in our small bungalow next to all the city has to offer…the zoo, museums, parks, local restaurants, bars, shopping!!!! Not to mention I absolutely love living in an old house. I couldn’t imagine going back to our home in Arlington. But one thing I learned is NEVER say NEVER! For a long time I thought I would NEVER move back to Memphis and here we are. 

We have been in midtown the past five years with our two four legged children and last March God blessed us with our beautiful baby girl, Evan Lilly….or Evan, E, nuggie, EL, Lil E, the names go on….. She is so much fun and I couldn’t imagine this time last year how our lives would change so much for the better! After Evan was born we decided I would stop teaching full time to stay home with her. However, I still do some work in intervention at my old school. It’s a wonderful job!! It allows me to still stay in my profession but has given me flexibility to be with E and explore some of my other passions! I am excited to blog all about my family, our faith, living in Memphis, my hobbies… hence my blog description Family, Faith, and my everyday Frenzy! I hope you enjoy and join me on this crazy journey in the Yarbrough House!
Our most recent family picture with ALL of us together! Christmas morning 2013!!!

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  1. Kyle, you are an amazing daughter, wife, mother and friend. I love you much and I think your blog is awesome. Looking forward to seeing all God has for you, Chris and Evan Lilly this year. And I'm looking forward to seeing you here in Naples soon. I miss you very much! Love you, Mom